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Capturing Moments in Time


Photographic Art by award-winning photographer, David Lane

Lane's photographs can be purchased as standalone prints, or prints that are professionally matted and framed. As a recognized commercial photographer and photojournalist for over 35 years, Lane has received many professional awards including Photographer of the Year three times.

Photographer of the Year - National Press Photographers Association. Photographer of the Year - Cox Enterprises newspapers Photographer of the Year - Scripps Howard newspapers. 

Other awards recognizing Lane's talent include: - First Place awards from the Associated Press - First Place awards from the Florida Press Club - First Place awards from the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors - First Place awards from the Southern Photographer of the Year competition.

Lane’s images have been published in newspapers and magazines around the world, including the prestigious LIFE magazine Pictures of the Year edition. All images are available for purchase in your choice of size and print formats.  All art is printed by one of the top professional custom printing companies in the country.

My focus has changed as I moved from photojournalism to Nature, Wildlife and Landscape photography. Now I try capturing beautiful and unique images of birds, elk, deer, mountains, swamps, hills and valleys, sunrises and sunsets. Sometimes I get very close to my subject when concentrating on a Macro image of a butterfly, honey bee, flower, or the head of an ant, but Landscape and Wildlife photography are my true passions.

I love the outdoors, I love the woods and all the beauty Mother Nature has offered us to enjoy. The colors, the sounds and the smell of dry fallen leaves in the woods are what draw me out into the world, searching for images that might capture it in some small way. Whether it's hiking in the mountains or sloshing through Florida swamps, I see beautiful images all around me just waiting to be snatched by my camera's lens. It's a part of me, a part of my soul that makes photography such an important part of my life. Capturing moments in time when the elements line up into a perfect composition - that's my goal each time I set out on a photo expedition. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it.

David A Lane


Just Ducky by David A Lane


Looking Glass Falls by David A Lane


Savannas Sunset by David A Lane


Palm Warbler by David A Lane


Milky Way Splendor by David A Lane


Lucern Stroll by David A Lane


Flat Rock Vista by David A Lane


Boat Tailed Grackles by David A Lane


Mottled Duck Takeoff by David A Lane


Moon over Lighthouse by David A Lane


Swiss Countryside by David A Lane


Loxachatchee Sunset by David A Lane


Old wooden Latch by David A Lane


Lugano Switzerland by David A Lane


Mountain Ash Sunshine by David A Lane


White Ibis BW by David A Lane


Flat Rock Vista BW by David A Lane


Doe A Deer BW by David A Lane


Smoky Mountain Stream BW by David A Lane


Old Wooden Latch BW by David A Lane


The Mountain Abyss by David A Lane


Singing Black Bird by David A Lane


Stormy Sky by David A Lane


Boat Tailed Grackles BW by David A Lane